Description: One of the worst things that can happen when a user is entering data into an INPUT type="text" or TEXTAREA element is an accidental browser reload or even crash- all the data is instantly lost, to the horror of the user. This script uses HTML5's sessionStorage to store the text entered into these fields as the user types, and recalls them in an event of a page refresh or even browser crash (FF3.5+ only). The script works in IE6+, FF3.5+, Google Chrome and Safari 4+.

Note: Note: This script only works on INPUT type="text" and TEXTAREA elements.


Example :




Click here to hard reload the page

* Data is preserved in the event of accidental browser refresh or browser crash (later is FF3.5 only)

Step 1: Simply insert the below in the head section of your page:

Be sure to download rescuefieldvalues.js (right click and select "Save As"), the external file referenced by the above code.

Step 2: Then, add the below form into your page: