PHP Paging: Breaking records into different pages

If there are more records in a table ( say more than 50) then it will not look nice to display all the records in one page and asking visitors to scroll down to see all the records. This will also slow the process of loading of records. So it is better to break all the collected records into different pages with a fix number of records per page ( say ten records per page) .We have to give navigational link at left and right side saying previous and next page. We also have to give links at the center so the visitor can visit in between pages of his/her choice. 

The below menu is further improved if you have more records. For more than 1000 records and if you have 10 records per page then you have to show 100 links at the bottom of the page. That can be further simplified in advanced script to make links in groups.  But it is better to understand the basic script first. 

Directions: Simply download, which contains all the files