PHP Introduction: What is PHP ?

PHP is a server side scripting language, widely used in internet programming. We can develop pages with dynamic content by using PHP. By using PHP we can interact with database servers and manage the page content accordingly. The difference between a static page like HTML and dynamic page like PHP is the way the server interpret the request. 

Here are some resources and downloads for PHP 

Set Up PHP on Your Own PC

However, if your server does not support PHP, you must:

  • install a web server XAMPP || or || WAMPP
  • install PHP
  • install a database, such as MySQL
Let us take one simple example.

When ever request comes for a static html or htm page the web server returns the page to the client. Here script processing or execution is not done. Such pages don't have dynamic capability and content is fixed. In Windows server the web server is IIS and for Linux systems Apache web servers are generally used. However PHP and Apache runs well in Windows platform also. This site is supporting PHP on a Linux platform. In the same way the server can run other scripts like ASP, Perl etc. PHP can be downloaded from