Auto increment copyright date
This script automatically updates the date portion of your site's copyright notice to cover the current year. A great time saver.

Block IP address script
Use this script to block certain IPs from your webpage, by redirecting them to another site. Note that your web server must have SSI enabled for this script to work.

Different page for different browser language setting 
If your site is presented in more than one language (ie: English and Chinese), use this script to automatically detect the language setting of your visitor's browser, and redirect them to the appropriate section within your site.

Different page for different screen resolution 
A cool script that determines the screen resolution of  the surfer, and sends them to a different page (out of 2) depending on whether his/her resolution is high or low. Works in NS 3.x as well!

IP address display (using SSI and JavaScript) 
Using a combination of SSI and JavaScript, this is a cross browser/platform IP address displayer.

Netscape Property Inspector
This is an advanced script that analyzes and displays your NS 4.5+ browser's configurations, such as current browser width/height, OS platform, security settings, installed plugins, and more. Use it if you need to quickly look up your browser's settings in every area conceivable.

Screen resolution detection and notification 
A script that tests the surfer's screen size, and if it's not a certain size (ie: 800*600), suggests to the surfer to change resolution.