Random content 
Easily display a random piece of content chosen from many on the page to your visitors using this script! Just wrap the participating contents each inside a DIV with a special CSS classname, and that's it! Furthermore, you can have multiple "groups" of random content, with the script picking one to display randomly for each group.

Random Link Generator
A random link generator that goes to a random link each time someone clicks on it.

Random Link plus textual description 
Display not just a random link, but corresponding title and textual description, with this script.

Random password generator 
Having a difficult time thinking up a password? Need to automatically generate a password as part of a larger application? This script can help! It randomly creates a password of any specified length using alphabetic and numeric input.

Random satirical punch line 
This script shows a random, satirical punch line on your page. A whimsical script!

Greetings Script
A script that prompts the surfer to enter his/her name, and depending on the time of the day, greets the surfer with the appropriate saying.

HTML to JavaScript converter
This clever utility converts normal HTML code to dynamically generated JavaScript instead. Very useful in applications where the code must be dynamically generated, such as contents inside a JavaScript scroller, text of a random quote script etc.

Tab View script
Tab View control uses a combination of CSS and JavaScript to allow switching between pieces of arbitrary content on your page to view. The content are simply regular HTML, making this script easy to set up as well as search engine friendly.

User defined print button
Creates a user defined image button that acts as a print button in NS 4.x.