Alarm clock

This is a "24 hour cycle" JavaScript alarm clock that performs a custom action (by going to any page on the web) when the desired target time has been reached. For example, you can have the script go to YouTube and play a music video as your custom "waker upper." A flexible JavaScript timer and alarm script!

Counter script
This is a fakeyet highly believable- JavaScript counter script. The script DOES actually increment the visitor count, though it does so based on a fixed algorithm involving the current date, not the actual number of visitors. Use it to add a fun, inflatable, and most importantly, believable counter display to your site!

Current Date I 
A script that displays the current date , in the format of "98/05/11"

Current Date II
A script that displays the current date , in the format of "05/11/98"

Current Full Date 
A script that displays the current date, in the format of "Saturday, June 13, 1998"

Javascript Date Picker 
A refreshing JavaScript Datepicker lightweight, no dependencies, modular CSS.

Current Full date with special holidays notification
This is a script that displays the current date in the format: Monday, November 8, 1998. As a bonus, it also notifies your surfers of special holidays when they arrive (by writing out the holiday's name).

Current week of the year
There are 52 weeks in a year...use this unique script to display the week we're currently in!

Drop Down World Clock 
Look up the time of various cities around the world easily with this useful script! Configurable to use cities of your choice.

LCD Clock 
Display the time with style using this LCD clock script.. Note that the "digital" interface is visible in IE4+ and NS6+ only, with other browsers displaying a plain "form" clock instead.

Live Clock using forms
This is your standard live clock that displays itself in a text area .

JavaScript image clock 
This is a compact JavaScript image clock that's updated live every second. It comes with a default image pack for the interface, though you can easily specify you own "digits" images instead inside the script.

Live Server Time script
This unique JavaScript allows you to display the server time of your website, live! Using either SSI or PHP (depending on which one your page supports) to first retrieve the current static server time, the script then updates it every second for display. Cool!

Plain English Time
Very creative script that displays the current time using casual English...

Status Bar Date and time displayer
Displays the date and live time in the status bar

Time limit on viewing document script 
A script that sets a time limit on how long a surfer can spend viewing the document. The time left will be constantly shown at the status bar below. After time has expired (ie: 1 minute and 30 seconds), the browser will automatically navigate to another page, forcing the surfer out.

Time-of-Day Messages Status Bar
This is an absolutely cool script that displays a different status bar message, depending on the time of the day.

Time of document load
A script that displays the exact time when the document was (initially) loaded. Uses images.

True live clock without forms (IE4+ or NS 6+) 
This clock is displayed in ordinary text. Requires IE 4+ or NS 6+

World times display
Displays many different times of the world.