Highlighter Scroller
This interesting scroller rotates and displays messages by highlighting each one into view, like using a felts to highlight text on a page. Very cool!

Highlighter Scroller II
Highlighter Scroller II is a visually appealing, multi-line scroller. It gradually reveals each message into view from bottom to top, and is configurable in many aspects.

Message Slideshow
A form box message slideshow that rotates among infinite number of messages. Each message is associated with a unique URL, and clicking the button will take the surfer to a different URL, depending on when he/she clicks it.

Scrolling Textarea
A script that scrolls the contents of a TEXTAREA automatically. Very cool!

Type-writer scroller
This is a unique scroller that displays the text one-letter at a time, with the trailing "underscore" symbol following behind, like a type writer!

Typing Text Scroller
Similar to the above, this script types the containing messages into view. Both the typing speed and pause between messages can be configured.

Note- For status bar scrollers, see Status Bar effects