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HTML5 is a markup language, has been come into existence around January 2008. The two measure organisation is involving in developing of HTML5 since its initiating time. One is W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the another one is WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group). According to these organization, they have been working on the HTML5 since initial time. So HTML5 language is still under development. There is more about to come yet in HTML5.

During the development of HTML5, It was announced that the HTML5 will reach the W3C recommendation till at the end of 2010. But the last call didnít matched till the target date. Now according to W3C the HTML5 will reach its full recommendation last by 2014.

Where according to WHATWG the last call for HTML5 Specification was in October 2009. Then suddenly the amazing changes in decision the WHATWG started to work on unversioned development of HTML, and with abounding its HTML5 Project. Later in January 2011, it renamed the HTML5 Stander to HTML5. On 18 January 2011, the W3C introduce a logo to represent the HTML5 interest. While presenting its logo to publicly, W3C announced that, the logo can be used for general purpose.


html5 logo

HTML5 is the newest version of Hyper Text Markup Language. The first web browser introduced in 1993 and name was MOSAIC. The development of MOSAIC was at theNCSA (National Center of Supercomputing Applications). Later it was discontinued to development on 7th of January 1997. Still the people were using the nonstandard version of HTML.

The standard version came into existence in 1995, whenHTML 2.0 was announced. Later after two years HTML 3.0and after two years HTML 4.01 was announced. And still we are using the milestone of HTML 4.01

The first Draft of HTML5 Was announced in January 2008. And amazingly HTML5 has a broad browser support. Though the HTML5 is still under developing phase. And a lot of organizations is working and planning on the development ofHTML5.

We can’t expect the HTML5 may be the future of Web Designing, but we can say that this is the present of Web designing. Before development of HTML5, we were in compulsion to work on Photoshop and Flash application, but with the development of HTML5, these affords has been reduced. Many more long script code can be done with a simple tagging. As we can use <details> and <summary> tag for show and hide function of java Script. We need not to put a long affords to code this thing. Apart form this features we can use the 3D image with <canvas>, the special designed paragraph with <article> and many more.

We can find many more features listed below in HTML5

  • Reduce the external plugin affords like Photoshop and Flash
  • More and efficient Error Handling capabilities
  • New Markup Element to reduce the extra coding
  • Device Independent facility
  • New form Control features
  • Well support for Local Storage
  • More control over Media playback
  • Supported Element and scripting for 3D uses