Advanced Email Check
A script that closely examines the content of a form box to ensure that the user entered a valid email address. If not, the form submition is canceled, and the surfer prompted to re-enter a valid address. Uses Regular Expressions.

Email Me button
This simple but practical script render a "email me" button that, when clicked on, launches your visitor's default email program with the "To", "CC", and "Subject" line all filled in already. Cool!

Manual Email Check
In most cases, an invalid email address is entered by the user due to carelessness. This script forces the user to double check whether a valid email is entered before submitting the form. It alerts a box with the entered address upon form submission, and asks the user whether this information is correct or not before allowing the submission to continue. Highly effective way to ensure a valid email entry from the user!

"Unspamable" email link
Ever wonder how spammers find and email you all that "junk" They do so by using robots that retrieve your email address from your webpages, and add it to their spammer's list. Here's a script to prevent spammers and email harvesters from finding your email address on your website.