2-level combo box 
This is a 2-level combo box (single combo), both expanding the capacity of the combo and allowing you to organize the links into various categories. Awesome!

Animated random option combo
This is a unique combo menu script that supports the ability to randomly select from an option the list of available ones to visit. It's a combo menu with a sense of adventure!

Combo Box with "open in alternate window" option
A regular combo box with the added feature of allowing the selection to be opened in a set secondary window.

Combo box with description I
A combo box that also displays a short description of the selected link in a form box.

Combo box with description II
A combo box that also displays a short description of the selected link in the status bar.

Combo box with load in another frame support
So, you're looking for that elusive combo box script that loads the target URL in another frame or full window...well, your search is over. The following combo script allows you to do just that. You can specify the combo to load it's URLs either in a specific frame, or full window (parent window).

Combo Link Box II
A multi-lined combo link box that jumps to different links.

Double Combo 
An advanced combo script that uses two boxes, one as the main categories, the other as the links associated with each category.

Double Combo with description 
This menu adds a twist to the conventional double combo, by providing a textual description of each selection. Certainly a useful addition!

Dynamic combo 
This robust combo (drop down menu) can handle the workload of many! It allows you to select from multiple groups of link items to display- choose which group to actually show by clicking on text beneath the combo. If your page contains more than one combo, why not replace them all with just this one?

Jumpy Combo Link Box 
A combo link box that goes to the specified URL simply by selecting it.

Multiple Dynamic Combo Boxes
This lightweight yet powerful script lets you create multiple (unlimited) combo boxes, with each one linked and dependant on the one proceeding it. Very nice!

Triple combo script
This is a compact, simple to install Triple Combo Box script. Each SELECT list's values is dependant on value of the SELECT list proceeding it. Use it to easily create a 3 level deep navigational or form.