An advance feature of CSS3 is using the font to improve the web designing. With the help of CSS3 FONTS feature we can create different types of font style. The CSS3 FONTS feature is supported by all measure browser The rule for defining the Fonts is only We have to declare a name in first line of starting css properties. The font file can found in ttf(True type font) format or otf(Open type font) format.

Using The Font You Want

In the new @font-face rule you must first define a name for the font (e.g. myFirstFont), and then point to the font file. To use the font for an HTML element, refer to the name of the font (myFirstFont) through the font-family property:


font-family : UsingofFont;  /* As you can declare here your font-family name, Example: UsingofFont */
src: url('Arial.ttf')
font-family :UsingofFont;